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MentorOn was founded in 2011 with the goal of changing how mentors and mentees connect online.  Our goal is to develop the world’s first social network that matches mentors with mentees based on their expertise, goals, personality, interests, and other factors.  The structured and easy-to-use platform provides a framework to facilitate the online mentoring process.  MentorOn utilizes social networking and online trends to create more than just a listing of mentors but a non-hierarchical relation-driven platform.

The Problem

All of us need someone who has been where we want to be to share their expertise and help us reach our goals.  However, in many cases studies reveal that we have too few mentors or trusted individuals to guide us.  Most successful leaders, presidents, Fortune 500 CEOS, and businessmen have all relied on mentoring to achieve greater goals.  Mentoring is a powerful tool—dating back to time of Odysseus in the early Greek civilizations.    MentorOn bridges the gap between ambitious mentees and supportive mentors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop an active and safe community for mentors and mentees to reach their goals and share their expertise.  Mentoring is an interpersonal relationship built on trust to help individuals reach their goals and aspirations.  Our platform guides users from the registration phase, matches them with potential mentors or mentees, and brings them a step closer to their goals.