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All of us need someone who has been where we want to be to share their expertise and help us reach our goals.  MentorOn facilitates the search for the right mentor or mentee, and helps you tab into a fountain of resources or one-to-one interactions.

Mentoring is a learning experience with many benefits.  Everyone has a unique skill or expertise to share with others.  MentorOn brings together successful people from all over the world and different industries, backgrounds, and interests to help each other.

MentorOn helps you:

  • Connect with mentors and mentees
  • Reach your goals and aspirations sooner
  • Grow your network
  • Expand your knowledge in a focused area
  • Gain exposure to a new skill
  • Explore developmental opportunities
  • Become more resourceful
  • Make a meaningful impact on someone’s life
  • Provide quality feedback
  • Learn more about yourself