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In Less Than 10 Minutes You Can Begin Making A Positive Change

Registration Process

MentorOn enables you to connect to a fountain of resources to reach your goals

SMART Goal Setting

Specific, Measurable, Action-focused, Realistic, and Timely goals set the mentoring focus

Expertise-Focused Mentoring

You are encouraged to share your expertise and help others become more successful

Personality Assessment

Get matched to mentors or mentees based on your personality, interests, and goals

Relax, Everyone is Here to Help You

After registeration, begin connecting with potential mentors or mentees

Manual Search

Search for mentors or mentors by gender, goals, expertise, availability, and other factors

Matching Recommendation

Get mentor or mentee recommendations based on similar interests or personality

Make Initial Contact

Begin requesting others to be your mentor or mentee to begin the mentoring process

Determine Meeting Schedule

Begin learning new skills by determining communication times and potential goals

Continue Transforming Yourself to Develop A Better You

Learn New Skills to Achieve Your Personal or Professional Aspirations

Develop Yourself

Connect with multiple people to reach different goals or share your expertise

Exchange Quality Feedback

Provide quality feedback and review the relationship after being connected for a week

Earn Status Badges

Continue learning or helping others transform to earn status badges for your progress

Grow Your Network

Expand your network on MentorOn and help create a more supportive online community